Northeast Michigan’s Ron Paul Representative: Local Doctor Attends Support Rally

Press Release:


Doctors are excited about Dr. Paul’s candidacy in large part due to his firm stance on repealing Obamacare, restoring health freedom, and curtailing government intervention in healthcare.  Seeking to restore the doctor-patient relationship as an alternative to the present patient-bureaucrat-doctor hindrance to healthcare delivery, Michigan doctors have stepped forward with the following endorsements. For over thirty years a practicing Chiropractor from Hillman, Dr. Richard Olree has maintained his own practice since 1981 and employs five employees traveled to Dearborn to spend time with Dr. Ron Paul. “Ron Paul simply has the only real answer to our nation’s problems.  The solution is not pretty but it must happen now while there is still time to regain our freedoms.  Dr. Paul has the insight, the integrity and the stamina to put it all together,” said Dr. Olree.


Dr. Olree traveled to Dearborn for the Monday event entitled “Doctors for Dr. Ron Paul” at the Michael A. Guido Theater hosted by Dr. Hussein Saghir. Over 1400 supporters were present for the event, mostly doctors from the Detroit area and Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Dr. Olree and Dr. Paul chat about healthcare



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