The world has turned over a few times
in half a century, and some few hard
facts have chipped away at the edifice
of settled science. The literature reports
that 92 to 96 percent of breast cancer
cures are sporadic, yet there is a single
cause for most cases. “The causative
agent is deficiency of a micronutrient
that is depleted by a high-fat diet,” wrote
Guy E. Abraham, cited earlier, “and if
such an agent is detected, intervention
. . . with supplementation should lead to
a decline in the incidence of breast cancer.”
As Olree points out in Minerals for
the Genetic Code, such supplementation
must include iodine and selenium. Both
Japan and Iceland have few breast cancer
cases, and both rely on iodine from
ocean plants and air for their essential
protection. The reverse is true in Mexico
and Thailand.

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Minerals for the Genetic Code