Amishman’s Handy Guide to Minerals, Vitamins and Food Supplements

rolreeDr. Richard Olree has compiled the
best information from his many years of
study into a handy guide for everyone
to use. His research of the biological role of all trace minerals led to his
development of the Standard Genetic
Periodic Chart. An analysis of his chart
is the basis for his original cutting-edge
book, Minerals for the Genetic Code,
written in 2006. Dr. Olree co-authored
this book with Charles Walters, founder
of the nation’s oldest and largest
organic magazine, Acres U.S.A.

NEW!Dr. Richard Olree Jr. DC – Mineral Consultant As a chiropractor in Hillman, Michigan, Dr.  Olree has co-authored the book, Minerals  for the Genetic Code and has recently released the guidebook, Amishman’s Guide  to Minerals, Vitamins and Food Supplements. He is helping Lancaster Ag develop an understanding of both soil and  human interaction with minerals. Newly published in 2013, Dr. Olree’s Amishman’s Handy Guide to Minerals, Vitamins and Food
Supplements, is written
in common, ordinary language so that it is easily
understood and practical for everyday use.
Combining his knowledge of human biology,
his clinical experience,
and his understanding
of genetics, he offers
insights into nutrition in
this guidebook.
Dr. Olree has a Bachelor of Science in Human
Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since
1981 his family-based practice has been located in Hillman, Michigan and he also serves
two Amish communities in northern Michigan.
Besides his chiropractic practice, Dr. Olree
established a health food store called Hillman
Health Foods in 2001 so that he can offer his
patients quality nutritional supplements. He
travels the country teaching about the wonderful benefits of understanding, obtaining,
and eating organic food.

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