November 23, 2005. Chiropractor/physician Richard
Olree was handling the puck in a
tightly contested hockey game. Notre
Dame football coach Knute Rockne once
told a commission that his school would
never endorse a sport that put a stick
into the hands of an Irishman for defense,
advice routinely ignored by boys,
men and women wherever ice is generally
Olree’s crash into the goal and other
human flesh left him with a torn rotator
cuff, three months of convalescence, and
hardly 50 percent repair a year and a half
later. A damaged arm is no asset for a
chiropractor. We had just finished Minerals
for the Genetic Code at the time, and
number 40 on the Olree Standard Periodic
Genetic Chart was fresh in mind. It
may have been serendipitous, but a rare
book on a researcher’s work with silica,
Loïc Le Ribault’s The Cost of a Discovery,
landed on my desk at some uncertain
point during Olree’s bout of suffering.
Repeated cortizone shots hadn’t helped
very much. Surgery merely seemed to
ask for an indifference to more pain. The
best case scenario was that Olree would
have to do without about 50 percent
of his former skills. After a few months
of treatment with the “living silica” described
in Le Ribault’s book, however,
he achieved nearly 100 percent recovery.
Amazed at the results, he now includes
this special silica in his practice.

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Minerals for the Genetic Code